At CCS, our attorneys provide counsel and representation before the municipal and state administrative forums where they defend and prosecute a broad range of land use actions, and also deal with zoning and permit decisions that affect our clients’ rights and interests, and the review of such decisions before the state and federal courts. At CCS we represent everyone, from long-standing corporate institutions to private individuals, on the wide spectrum of zoning and land use matters. Our partners and associates maintain professional relationships with government officials and experts in our jurisdiction, which helps us advocate for our clients’ zoning, permit, and land use objectives.

In this regard, CCS attorneys regularly represent clients on condemnation, eminent domain, and reverse condemnation issues; zoning and land use litigation; impeachment and revocation of use and construction permits; defense and application of restrictive covenants; controlled access grants and permits; and impeachment of land use and zoning regulations on a procedural and constitutional basis; among others.