Our firm provides invaluable guidance and legal support to a multitude of clients seeking to raise capital. For decades, we have helped our clients navigate the complexities of issuing corporate bonds. Additionally, we also specialize in providing our clients the legal support needed to access large corporate and commercial securitized loans. Please, find an overview of the representative transactions that demonstrate our financing expertise here.

The preceding graph shows an overview of CCS’ combined legal experience and summarizes over 40 years of legal practice.


Bond Issuances

Issuing bonds can be a vital avenue for Non-Profit Organizations, Governmental Entities and For-Profit Corporations that need to raise capital to fuel their respective operational needs. Whether you’re a profit-driven company, a tax-exempt organization or a public instrumentality, accessing the Bond market can be a valuable option. Bonds offer a unique advantage as a non-dilutive capital raising mechanism for Corporations and Non-Profit Organizations; unlike equity financing, bonds allow you to secure funds without giving away ownership or control. We specialize in helping entities navigate both the complexities of issuing new bonds and the long-term compliance responsibilities that come along with such issuances. Our Firm understands these requirements and can help guide you through the process, ensuring you achieve and maintain compliance with all necessary regulations. Contact us today to explore how we can assist you in accessing the Bonds market and maximizing your capital-raising potential.


Corporate & Commercial Bank Financings

Commercial loans serve as another valuable capital raising mechanism for large corporations. These funding arrangements are structured between businesses and financial institutions, typically banks, and are debt-based. Corporations can resort to commercial loans to finance significant lump sum capital outlays or to help manage existing operational expense obligations. Through commercial loans, a corporation can secure the funds necessary to support their continued stable growth and to ensure the smooth functioning of their operations. Our Firm strives to help our clients establish mutually agreeable terms that safeguard both the interests of the lenders and those of the borrowers. If you are seeking financing options for your corporation, contact us today to explore how our expertise can assist you in accessing corporate and commercial loans to optimize your capital raising potential. If you are a financial institution seeking to offer corporations commercial loans, we invite you to partner with us and leverage our expertise in structuring loan agreements that foster strong borrower-lender relationships. Contact us today to explore how we can collaborate in providing corporate financing solutions.


Specialized Engagements & Real Estate Transactions

Our Firm also specializes in providing our corporate clients with stock-based financing options. This category of financing opportunities is broad, given there are many ways to structure corporate financing to involve corporate stock. Companies interested in raising substantial capital can consider an Initial Public Offering (IPO) to fund their growth initiatives and invest in large scale research and development objectives. While IPOs can be complex, initially requiring extensive financial disclosures and otherwise requiring ongoing legal compliance and reporting obligations, our Firm has previously helped our clients explore and execute this capital raising mechanism. Apart from IPOs, corporations can also consider securing commercial loans against a company’s stock or even engaging in stock purchase and exchange agreements to facilitate corporate mergers and acquisitions. For example, securing a corporation’s loan obligations with company stock can provide access to capital without diluting existing ownership stakes, but such a structure is not without its own corresponding risks and obligations. On the other hand, stock exchange arrangements can be attractive to corporate entities looking to acquire or merge with other companies, even when such arrangements come at the cost of the loss of some influence or even control over a particular corporation as new shareholders are brought into the fold. Although stock-based financing options can offer significant opportunities for growth, it is essential to consider the associated costs and risks before pursuing said opportunities. In conclusion, our Firm’s expertise in stock-based financing options can help you navigate the complexities of raising capital and achieving your corporate goals. Contact us today to explore how we can assist you explore stock-based financing opportunities, while mitigating risks along the way, and thereby maximize your company’s growth potential.


Stock & Other Securities Financings

This category of our Firm’s transaction history covers a wide gamut of transactions and engagements. This category has been distinguished from the previously examined categories of our Firm’s transaction history to highlight that we have yet other competencies in corporate law that are distinct from Bond Issuances, Commercial Financings, and Stock & Other Securities Financings. For example, this fourth category of transactions includes over $585 million in corporate merger & acquisition transactions. Likewise, this category includes our Firm’s experiences in corporate debt obligation restructuring; we have facilitated the restructuring of over $300 million in corporate debts.